Can it possible to perform multiple Update with XML format query

  • I got an Idea how to Send multiple rows to the Database from an Application

    and from the below code we can even insert it to the table as u showed in the Article


    consider a table Emp

    INSERT INTO Emp (Name, Salary)

    SELECT Name, Salary FROM OPENXML (@idoc, '/ROWS/ROW', 1)

    WITH (Name varchar(50), Salary int)

    WHERE Salary >= 1500

    ORDER BY Name

    My Doubt is about how to Update multiple rows in Emp table using the below xml query


















    Please help me out for updating the table with above xml Query

    Thank and Regards

    Nitesh katare

  • Actually this is an interesting topic, but I would advice using SqlBulkCopy instead, which provide amazing performance, with just a few lines of code:

    public virtual bool SqlBulkCopy(DataSet ds, string TableName) // provide ability to update any Table in the DS, assume TableName is idem for SQL and App Level

    bool result = true;

    using (SqlBulkCopy BulkCopy = new SqlBulkCopy(MyConnectionString))


    BulkCopy.DestinationTableName = TableName;



    BulkCopy.WriteToServer(ds.Tables[TableName]); // Write from the source to the destination.


    catch (Exception e)


    // Provide feedback of error issues, to be recovered using something like "DataSetErrorsShower.Show()"

    ds.Tables[TableName].Rows[0].RowError = ExceptionHandler.WrapSqlException(e);

    result = false;


    if (result == true)


    return result


    Hope it helps, keep on comments.

    Kind Regards,


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