Can I install 2008 in same box running 2000, 2005 ?

  • I have two instances running in same server : 2000 and 2005. Will there be any problems, issues with the 3rd instance running in same box: 2008 November CTP ?

    Will it affect my existing instances ?

    Has anybody done this kind of installation ?


  • I've done exactly that type of installation.

    Yes, it causes problems. The 2008 install does something to the 2005 install that causes errors when you go to load the GUI for things like table edit. It's not a big deal if you don't mind doing everything through TSQL (generally how I work anyway), but if you like the GUI at all and you need the 2005 instance to work, don't do it.

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  • I'll add to that.

    It does break Management Studio. The database engines seem ok.

    Removal is a different story and I was unable to get the CTP version of 2008 removed successfully without eventually reinstalling the operating system.

    It ended up causing a number of issues regardless of what I did for uninstalling. After having removed all three versions, I was still unable to install without removing registry keys manually so to be safe I reinstalled the OS.

    I would recommend installing virtual server if you want to run the 2008 CTP on the same hardware.

  • It does break Management Studio because the Client tools for both 2005 and 2008 can't be installed on the same server. If you uninstall the 2005 tools, you can use the 2008 tools to manage the 2005 environment. However, I would be careful doing this as the 2008 tools may hose something (they're still in beta). The test server I run now has both 2005 and 2008 (Nov CTP) running side by side. Can't comment on all concurrency and compatibility issues, but hopefully this will help get the tools working.

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