Can I create a table in Database B from a view in Database A in a script that's using Database A?

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    USE DatabaseA

    SELECT * INTO Table1 FROM V_View1

    SELECT * INTO Table2 FROM V_View2

    SELECT * INTO DatabaseB.dbo.Table3 FROM V_View3

    Would the above create Table 3 in Database B, while creating Table 1 and Table 2 in Database A? Database A and Database B are both on the same server instance.

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    What happened when you tried it?

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  • lmk1

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    Just kept spinning, perhaps because View3 is rather large...or it could be that it doesn't really work, I've had that happen before too. I don't have my own test database to play with at the moment and I don't want to risk inadvertently messing anything up on the company DBs. I'm about 90% sure that the SQL I posted originally works as I intend it to, but I want to be extra cautious before I update the script. It may be that my Google-Fu is not very strong, but I wasn't able to find any sufficiently similar posts out there.

  • viralbhatt

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    best to run query and check, use top 10 to reduce time. i have done that on my pc and it does create table in database B.

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