Can Azure Stack Reduce Software Development Costs?

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  • I know of one of our managers, who works in our Production Services Bureau (our IT group) that is experimenting with the Azure Stack. He's provisioned a big machine where it's testing different things. Beyond that, I don' t know what he's doing. I don't know of any developers working with him on it, although there may be some and I just don't know about it. Having made my own attempt to get software working in Azure App Services, which didn't go well, I would be interested in trying out the Azure Stack. Oh well, like I said, maybe other developers are working on it. I'll ask the manager how it's going.

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  • I'd be interested to know. It looks like a very nice platform, especially around simplifying provisioning of resources. I suspect it's complex for the infrastructure people to get going, but adding to it is probably easy.

  • I just spoke with the manager whose heading up our exploration of the Azure Stack. Unfortunately, due to personnel changes and other projects gaining higher priority, exploration of the Azure Stack has been put back on the backlog.

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  • Where I am at the moment has a project to move all the old 2008 servers into Azure, think they are being a bit ambitious though, especially with the amount of non compliant issues. We may be going to IaaS for most of them at first, but they simply want to get as much as possible off premises.

  • IaaS is often the way to go when you want to lift and shift, but if the workload is not steady and you have to overbuy hardware for peaks, better double check the tax math because this can get expensive.

  • Yeah, I have warned about the cost, we have around 120 servers, have been given a deal by MS, but its looking like a mixed bag of PaaS, MI and IaaS, even a lift a shift isn't going to cut it with some apps we have. Is an absolute headache as a while ago, the company replaced a lot of staff, so simply finding business owners has taken 3 months so far. As the sole DBA (I am a contractor and the job was supposed to be BI DBA, not Enterprise DBA, but lucky me! ), due to Perm staff leaving and waiting for new Perm to start, I am also doing BAU on a lot of servers that have needed some loving for years due to the nature of the old 'DBA's. So, not only did they not have a standard build, they had no standards at all, backups are a mixture of CommVault with the odd local tran log, no tran log backups, servers that pop out of the woodwork only when they go wrong etc. Trying my hardest to pull it into some form of order before they even start. Its all great fun..

    Oh, and no monitoring tools to boot, have asked for Redgate or Idera for our so called critical servers and going OMS for the rest.

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  • Good luck. If you have more issues, ask more questions.

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