Calling Procs from PowerShell with Parameters

  • Jeff Moden wrote:

    frederico_fonseca wrote:

    Jeff Moden wrote:

     Other that creating a parameter table the job reads from, I don't know anyone else that has been able to do it either.

    out of curiosity what did you mean with this?

    I'm just talking about a table in a database that you could have something populate with whatever "parameters" a job needs (even in job steps to "pass parameters" to the next step).  I've also not seen people pass parameters directly from one step in a job to another.  With the understanding that I'm definitely NOT an SSIS Ninja by any stretch of the imagination, I wouldn't mind learning how to do such a thing if it can be done without such a "parameter table".

    Do you know of a way to pass parameters forward from one job step to another?

    Without a table (or a queue) there is no way to pass "data" from 1 step to another so nothing new there - SQL Agent is quite old tech as you know.

    as for using tables yes I have those - multiple step jobs that use a parameter table that both controls the flow of the steps and is updated by each step to determine what the next step(s) is/are going to do.


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