Calling a Stored Procedure from PowerShell

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  • Hi Frank,

    nice article explaining how simple it is to query SQL Server by using PowerShell. Thank you!

    If you just need to see data from multiple instances as one 'table' you can use SSMS, too.

    In SSMS Registred Servers create a server group and register your instances there. Right klick on the group and start a new query.

    SSMS is easy just to see the data. If you want to do some automization, I'd prefere your PowerShell solution.

  • Thanks.

    The SSMS thing works well, but it's manual when trying to save the data. I use PoSh to let this run regularly, as you noted, in an automated fashion.

  • Very helpful. Would also be nice to see an example where you pass parameters when calling a stored procedure from Powershell.

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