Calling a Reporting Services report from a web page menu

  • Looking for methods to call a report from a web page menu.

  • Hi,

    The easiest way is to get to the reportserver

    <A href="http:///reportserver">http://<YOUR SERVER>/reportserver

    and then click on the report you'd like to start, e.g. if you'd like to run the Emplye sales summary report in the sample reports then you'll get a URL like the one below

    <A href="http:///reportserver?%2fSampleReports%2fEmployee+Sales+Summary&rs:Command=Render">http://<YOUR SERVER>/reportserver?%2fSampleReports%2fEmployee+Sales+Summary&rs:Command=Render

    then you can just href this link.

    There are more complicated ways as well, but this is the simplest (but not the best under all circumstances).



    Itera Consulting Sweden

  • Make sure you check out the ReportViewer sample application.

    I know a lot of people are using this to render reports when they have parameters that aren't handled by the Report Manager interface.

    Colt 45 - the original point and click interface

  • The request here is a little vague. We had to be able to furnish reports from a web server on which SQL isn't installed. What we did was use ServerXMLHTTP to get the report from where the engine resides and then return it to the user. This hides the entire infrastructure from the user.

    We always use an export format and pass in the needed parameters so all the user sees is the final exported report.

  • You do not need to have SQL installed on the web server in order to have it serve as the reporting services web server.  You can install the reporting services engine and web site on any IIS Server as long as you have a SQL2K db server to point to for the Report Server Database. 

    All the other answers are correct for calling a report from an existing web server to an existing report server. 

  • True, you don't need SQL server installed, BUT you do need an additional license if you're not running on the same server as your SQL server. To quote microsoft:

    "Reporting Services is part of the SQL Server 2000 license. There is not a separate license for Reporting Services. If you have a licensed copy of SQL Server 2000, you may run Reporting Services on the same server for no additional license fee. If you want to run Reporting Services on a server that is not licensed for SQL Server 2000, you will need to obtain a SQL Server 2000 license for that additional server. This is the same licensing model used for SQL Server Analysis Services. For more information about licensing scenarios, see the How to License Reporting Services page."

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