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    Hi, I have a current calculation in my cube called 'EUR Rental Value', I added a new calculation called 'USD Rental Value' and when I use excel to connect to my perspective I notice that the new calculation is displayed under the 'Values' measure group and not the 'Sales' measure group. The weird thing is that the 'EUR Rental Value' calculation has no values for properties 'Associated measure group' or 'Display folder' so I don't understand why this also isn't displayed under the 'Values' measure group.

    When I look at the xml I can see the following code block.

    <CalculationProperty dwd:design-time-name="ac8238cd-320e-45a5-810a-7de6645a437d">
    <CalculationReference>[MEASURES].[EUR Rental Value]</CalculationReference>

    I don't understand where the AssociatedMeasureGroupId property is being set. I want both of my calculations to display under the same measure group.

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