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  • Hi. I am working on a report, using SRSS, where I need to compute for the percentage change for the current fortnight versus the previous fortnight. The date range of the current fortnight is a parameter setting. Thus the previous fortnight is dependent on this current date range. To illustrate:

    Current fortnight: June 20, 2011 to July 3, 2011 (parametized)

    Item Count


    A 5

    B 3

    C 11

    D 2

    E 0

    Previous fortnight: June 6, 2011 to June 19, 2011

    Item Count


    A 4

    B 1

    C 13

    D 2

    E 6

    Thus the resulting values I need to see are as follows:

    Item % Change


    A 25%

    B 200%

    C -15.00%

    D 0%

    E -100%

    Can you suggest a script that I can set up/use in SRSS to get the percentage change, one that is similar to the sample function at the start of this discussion? Thanks!


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