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  • why not just datediff() the number of days between the parameter and getdate() - then divide that number by 365.25?

  • Dividing the datediff in days by 365.25 doesn't always work (consistently). Sometimes you have to delete the fraction part (floor) and sometimes you have to round up to the next integer (ceiling) to get the correct age. Here are two examples (assume the first date as DOB, and the second as the day the age is calculated on):

    select datediff(day, '10/23/2006', '5/23/2008')/365.25, datediff(day, '5/23/1899', '5/23/2008')/365.25



    To get the right age in integer value, we have to floor the first value(1.582477), and ceiling the second value (108.999315).

    Given that, I'd alter the original function by adding the second date as a parameter as well. Then you can pass getdate() or any other date as the second param.


  • How 'bout this?

    declare @dob as datetime

    select @dob = '6/21/1968'

    declare @now as datetime

    declare @year_diff as tinyint

    select @now = getdate()

    select @year_diff = datediff(year, @dob, @now)

    if DateAdd(year, @year_diff, @dob) > @now

    select @year_diff -1


    select @year_diff

    basically, calculate the number of years that have gone by, then add those years back to the date of birth. if the resulting date is in the future, we subtract one from the years as it would indicate that we have not yet reached the birthday in the current year. if the resulting date is in the past, we have already reached the birthday in this year, so we can return the number of years unaltered.



  • Thank you for idea

    create function dbo.Calc_Age (@dob datetime) -- date of birth

    returns int



    return ( select datediff (year, @dob,v_date) -


    when (month(@dob) = month(v_date) and day(@dob) > day(v_date)) then 1

    when month(@dob) > month(v_date) then 1

    else 0


    from dbo.v_getdate )


  • Mark, your Idea is very nice 🙂

  • Hello, Mark Ingalls,

    This is Wasek, I am just a beginer in this business, but I am eager to get the solution of calculating a person's age and date difference from one date to another for my project. Could you pl make a sample project with those in VB 2008, Zip it and send it across to my e-mail address below I willbe pleased.

    One more thing, if you know. Which I could not do. That, how can I change the page setup of a print form component. Meaning to say that its paper size and the margins are auto set. How can I set it my self of my desire. If you know give me easy solution. Again I need a sample project of yours in VB 2008, considering my capability as a learner. Thanks a lot.

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