Buzzword Bingo

  • Rachel Byford (5/4/2016)

    Big Data is my pet hate - people mostly have no idea what it means, and then use it when they only mean Rather Large Data! :w00t:

    That, and its ugly twin, 'business intelligence'.

    One wag told me the other day 'business intelligence' was an oxymoron, like 'accurate estimate' or 'amicable divorce'.

    I suppose that sez it all.

  • Oh the list goes on forever.

    BI, DBA, Big Data, Machine Learning, NoSQL, Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Vault, Star Schema, Data Model, Logical Model, Physical Model, KPI, Fact, Operationalize, Facilitate, Actionable, Ping, Stakeholder, Deliverable, Agile, Scrum, etc etc.

    I used to be an advocate for Kimball's methods. But now I am convinced he and his followers have done more to harm to relational database systems (as defined academically using Codd's papers and various follow-ons, primarily "Normal Form" and domains, tuples, relations) than even the "NoSQL" people. We invent names for shortcuts that sometimes work and then only teach the shortcuts. Consultants sell the latest bull and as most managers are clueless, they implement whatever sounds the best!

  • Add "Productionize", sounds posh though 😛

  • So many acronyms and so much jargon is used in blogs, even the ones presented here they put me off. As soon as I run into 1 or 2 at the begning of a blog that force me to spend time googling I basically stop reading and move on the another subject. I won't post any examples, too much of a waste of time.

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