• Hi All

    I need to insert the rows of file into database, but the problem is that the file which i want to process is on one server and my database is on another server.

    Is there any way by which i can process that file directly through BULK INSERT.


  • You can try DTS. Create a DTS for this and execute to transfer data.


  • There are 2 viable methods

    1. BCP , if ur file is at different server and u can access this file on ur ur server then u can use UNC naming convention to access this file and dump data into Database.

    2. DTS or SSIS , Just dig in for with appropriate option .

  • We found in 2005 BULK INSERT wouldn't work when running under a Windows-authenticated account and importing from a UNC path. If you run under a SQL login, it should work (provided the network permissions are set up correctly)

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