bulk copy execution failed when using DTS Import/Export Wizard

  • Hi Guys,

    I am using DTS Import/Export Wizard to copy database from one machine to another. I created a new database on the destination. In 'Specify Table Copy or Query' window, I chose 'Copy obects and data between SQL Server databases'. Error message is 'bulk copy execution failed'. Copy Database Wizard doesn't work either.

    How to solve this problem?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Is that the complete message or is there a number associated with it?

  • I would also check and make sure that you are not attempting to copy the users/permissions etc...  this could cause the DTS package to fail as well...


    Good Hunting!

    AJ Ahrens


  • Hi,

    This is a compelte message '[SQL-DMO] The Bulk Copy Execution failed'.

    Then AJ Ahrens, how to avoid to copy the users/permissions etc. Where can I more detailed information.

    Thanks, thanks again


  • In the copy sql server objects task object UNCHECK "use default options"

    UNCHECK the top 3 options (security area).

    This may be all you need..

    Good Hunting!

    AJ Ahrens


  • hi guys,

    It works in the domain and I also tested at home (workgroup). On the workgroup, I can manually do DTS but cannot schedule it. Then I changed SQL Server Agent setting. It works.

    Thanks for all replies.



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