Building Business Intelligence Data Warehouses

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  • Definitely a high level (somewhat academic) review of Data Warehouses. The clients my company interacts with don't have "steering committees" but do have business needs that we are solving.

    Sometimes the road to the Enterprise or large Departmental Data Warehouse is through Data Marts that conform through dimensions.

    I am not slamming the article but Practical Experience and providing incremental, short-term value through multiple marts is what has made my company successful.

    I applaud the effort here and look forward to the next article from this author.

    Trey Johnson


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  • I work with Tom and the "stovepipe" problem is something I've seen here as well as other places. Having projects like this centralized, even with a steering committee of one can help to prevent inconsistencies.

    Also, a good look at some of the pitfalls. ETL is a great tool, but not the solution for bad data.

    Steve Jones

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