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  • Good reminder, Steve. I've got a WordPress blog I occasionally post to. When I do post to it, do you recommend posting a link to the new blog post on LinkedIn? WorkdPress offers posting to Facebook and Twitter, but I don't think it does to LinkedIn.

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  • Always good to post on Linked In. Lots of recruiters and others on there, including hiring managers. Since Twitters semi-implosion, seeing lots more activity on Linked In

  • It's Sunday so I've got more time to review this article. Referencing the link you gave, "10 Ways to Demonstrate Your Credibility via Your LinkedIn Profile", there are some things I'm not aware of.

    For example, what is the "Featured" section? I don't have it on my LinkedIn profile, and I don't even know how to add it.

    Second question, I do have three recommendations from coworkers in the past, but they are a bit old. Does that matter? If it does matter, then I have a problem. Many of my colleagues in my current position are on LinkedIn, but they don't spend any time on LinkedIn. It will be hard to get any recommendations from people who visit LinkedIn at most once a year. How do you coax someone to add a recommendation for you if they really don't use the platform?

    Oh, and what in heck is "Creator Mode" on LinkedIn?

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  • A few thoughts:

    Featured: I think this can be helpful in targeting jobs in the area you want, but highlighting those pieces you are proud of. Enabling:

    Recommendations: I don't know how much hiring managers look for age in these, but it doesn't hurt to refresh these when you look for a job, especially to be sure the people that you know are there to answer questions. I might reach out to friends and co-workers and beg them a bit to give you a recommendation. Maybe a lunch bribe?

    Creator mode:

  • Thank you, Steve.

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