• Hi All,

    I have ETL jobs running on one of our server. Jobs are scheduled to run early morning.....Jobs run fine.. but sometimes it comes up with following error....

    The buffer manager cannot create a temporary storage file on any path in the BufferTempStoragePath property. There is an incorrect file name or no permission.

    I have no idea what this error means...I had look into MSDN support site, not much help either..

    any thoughts will much appreciated...


  • BufferTempStoragePath is the file system path used to temporarily cache buffer data.

    As you say, sometimes it happen means the the problem is not permission.

    I think that you have a problem with storage.

    check if there is enough space on disk.

  • hi shmuel_v

    Thanks for the reply...I thought the same, but have enough space in server ..Disk size - 205GB (Used :60GB and Free: 143GB)....

  • Hi, I'm facing the same issue...

  • BufferTempStoragePath is only used when SSIS needs to page out, meaning it is low on memory and needs swap space.

    It is true that you may be having a permissions issue and not a hard disk issue.

  • Agreed. Ensure the service account running the SSIS package has permissions on the location. If there is no location specified,the default: users name, temp directory.

    You may want to specify a local fast disk as the BufferTempStoragePath to prevent the issue (give it perms) and to optimize performance.

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