• TomThomson (5/8/2014)

    Apologies to eveyone for the two stupid errors, one in the question and one in the explanation.

    The second answer option should have read "Enterprise and Standard editions". I've asked Steve to correct it. The idea wasn't to list all the editions that support the feature (enterprise, Standard, developer, Evaluation) just to list a set which din't have any that didnýt support it, and I've no idea how I came to put BI in there - when I looked at the question today I was horrified to see it.

    The link in the explanation shouldn't have "]" on the end. I've asked Steve to correct thtat too.

    Once again I've demonstrated that even when trying to be careful I can mess up posing a QOTD. :blush:

    Ah, thank you. I thought I was missing something!

    Thanks for the question. I learned quite a bit about this new feature along the way.

  • Good question about a topic I knew nothing about. Thanks Tom.


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  • I got it right - read BOL - to which no answer matched!!! So with flashbacks of Bits and Ints :w00t: from yesterday - I took an educated guess and hit it on target.

    May I just say how daft is it to not have BI version support it but Standard can??

    I personall don't see where the BI edition fits in when you look at msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc645993(v=sql.120).aspx

    where the only real value comes in when using Analysis Services

  • Mark Grout (5/8/2014)

    I got confused by "suppotys"

    If you look at a QWERTY keyboard, you'll see this is a splendid example of the well known "off by one" error. 😉

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  • Thomas Abraham (5/8/2014)

    Mark Grout (5/8/2014)

    I got confused by "suppotys"

    If you look at a QWERTY keyboard, you'll see this is a splendid example of the well known "off by one" error. 😉

    Looks more like a "two birds by one stone" to me 😎

  • I've fixed the answers here to remove BI edition, and I'll award back points now.

  • Thank you for the post, Tom, Good one.

    I was going through the BPE page on the msdn and came across this under best practices.


    Test the buffer pool extension thoroughly before implementing in a production environment. Once in production, avoid making configuration changes to the file or turning the feature off. These activities may have a negative impact on server performance because the buffer pool is significantly reduced in size when the feature is disabled. When disabled, the memory used to support the feature is not reclaimed until the instance of SQL Server is restarted. However, if the feature is re-enabled, the memory will be reused without restarting the instance


    I was just casually wondering this new SQL2014 version has very cool features and very advanced... also bit scary... any rising sql 2014 heros out there who can shed some light on the actual implementation of this feature?

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  • Great question Tom, thanks!

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  • New feature, didn`t use until now, but definitly one day I `ll use it 🙂

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  • It *is* supported on BI Edition. The docs are merely incorrect and should be updated soon.

  • aaron.bertrand (5/23/2014)

    It *is* supported on BI Edition. The docs are merely incorrect and should be updated soon.

    +1 - I was of two minds when I answered the question

    I choose Enterprise + Standard although I knwo that BI supports it, too.

    It is a mistake in the docs!

    Just choose the "wrong" answer to get the point 🙂

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  • Several people have stated that BI edition supports this feature, ie Microsoft's BOL documentation is wrong. Could someone who is in a position to know this for sure (I'm not, as I don't have 2014 BI edition) raise a connect item for the documentation bug and/or a community addition on the offending page? If no-one does, teh documentation may never get fixed.

    In the meantime, I've asked Steve to make some more alterations to the answer options and the explanation so that the new form of the question will be correct whether or not BI supports the feature.


  • Microsoft is aware of the problem, and as I said, the doc should be fixed soon.

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