Broker a good option for scalability with desktop app?

  • Have large amounts of IO right now with calculations saving millions of rows, updating millions of rows, and sometimes deleting millions.

    I'm still at the 101 (plan on doing stairways)... and have a thought that broker might be a great option for increasing our scalability as we grow, and also help with the international clients connecting to a DB in USA experiencing serious latency issues. Does anyone have some simple real world examples of using Broker for scaling basic .NET actions (we use entity framework) and large DML actions? If 10 people are hammering a huge 22 million row table with massive deletes/inserts, I was thinking that broker offered an option to load balance sql server, whereas currently the only load balancing is our .NET engine thread count being reduced (which really doesn't load balance sql server)

    I've done some reading, but was hoping for some experienced devs to shed light on some basic 101 examples on how broker can help scale a desktop app's actions, to help me cut through all the normal terminology and see if it's a good option to explore in detail to scale out our product. (all the way from single workstation with sqlexpress to multi-international sites connecting to DB in USA processing millions of actions a day)

  • if you are still looking into this, I found a great little tutorial gets you from a to z[/url]

    I simply have one outstanding question, how can ssbea be setup on a 3rd server to monitor the sql database queues?

    -- Francisco

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