Bread and Butter of SQL Server DBA - Part 1

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    Thanx for this article. I am a new entrant to DBA field. I have picked up few things like attaching, detaching etc. I think this series would really help me to know DBA activities in a systematic way. I am looking forward for the next articles in this series.

  • Loner (7/15/2008)

    Is this article discussion thread or grammar discussion thread? Why all of a sudden people pay more attention to grammar and spelling than the content of the article?

    Exactly. Great article Mak, missed it the first time but just came across it after reading part 2. Both very informative, especially for someone like myself - I come from a developer background and my SQL Server knowledge is much more on the "developer dba" side rather than the production dba side. Having recently moved to a smaller company, my role is encompassing a lot more traditional, production dba type work, and the articles and indeed the discussion on these pages are very useful 🙂

    I'm also surprised at the number of people "picking holes" in the grammar. This isn't primary school, it's not an English lesson. To point out the minor - or rather miniscule - grammatical errors is extremely pedantic, in fact anal would be more apt. Let's concentrate on the content of the articles please and there's no doubt about the fundamental value of these bread & butter articles - good job! 😀

  • owen.pugh (7/15/2008)

    Thanks for the article.:D It provides useful information but is let down by the level of grammar and spelling - making it unlcear in places.:unsure:

    I'm looking forward to Part 2.



    I think that these are what owen.pugh was referring to:

    IF EXISTS (SELECTname FROM sys.databases WHERE name= N'MyDatabase')

    should be

    IF EXISTS (SELECT name FROM sysdatabases WHERE name= N'MyDatabase')



    should be



    object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[Employee]') ANDtype in (N'U'))

    should be

    object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[Employee]') AND type in (N'U'))


    It might seem nitpicky, but as a newbie it took a while before I was able to figure out that sys.objects and sys.databases were not the correct names. The spaces that were left out weren't such a big deal, but this wouldn't run right from a copy/paste.

    UPDATE: I missed a page of posts, but I now realize that these were not what owen.pugh was referring to (Sorry owen.pugh for the misinterpretation of your comments). I still believe that the errors I listed above make this article a little harder to follow. All in all, this was a very informative article, though. Thanks, MAK!



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