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    Last week we increased RAM and processors. now ,In our environment we have 2 processors,6 cores and hyper threading present ,so a total of 24 processors (6*2*2) available with 48GB RAM. I gave 28gb for sql as max server memory. in event viewer after a day i got insufficient memory to run the query. There are lot of blockings so that application gets hanged and nothing is working fine. Could anyone suggest me in which aspect i should check the performance of sql.

    Now i have increased as 38 gb out of total of 48 gb for sql server.

    Server:sql server 2012 enterprise

    OS:Windows server 2012 standard

    In our applications we have long running threads with many joins ,but before there was no issues like blocking .....Problem started after Adding RAM & Processors ..Need to resolve blockings and run apps fastly . Any one please help me !!!!

  • Duplicate post. Please post any responses here.

    Please don't make multiple posts. It will simply fragment any responses you may get regarding your problem.

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