Blob to ADF to Stored proecure

  • I'm reading file from BLOB through ADF and I would like to pass the whole content of the file to stored procedure..Is it possible? If so,  can somebody give me some pointers? Thanks.

  • I am using Lookup Activity to connect to Source file and trying to pass the whole content of the file through parameter of stored proc as a string. Stored proc loads the content to the table.

    But this is what's being loaded in the table instead of the content of the file.


    Any idea would be appreciated.


  • What I do is load data to maybe Azure Storage (BLOB) and read it in through Azure Data Warehouse using PolyBase that's connected to that Azure Storage bucket via EXTERNAL TABLES. The stored proc lives on Azure Data Factory and thus, can have params passed via Data Factory to where the output is a INTERNAL TABLE in Azure Data Warehouse.


    Azure BLOB Storage -> Data Factory (exec sp) -> EXTERNAL TABLE (ext.) -> INTERNAL TABLE (dbo.)


    Azure BLOB Storage -> PolyBase -> Azure Data Warehouse -> The Entire WORLD!

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  • I'm doing an HTTP GET and putting that output straight into a stored proc parameter using the reference below.


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