Blank pages displayed when collapasing a large area. (2005)

  • I have a report I am viewing in the web based Report Manager. When I run the report it has a few items which are collapsable. Have found when the collapse only involves the current page (meaning all items fit on the current page) it semmingly collapses. However if you collapse an item that passes thru multiple pages they hide and have blank pages instead. Apparently the pages are not rerender to the pagination process. Seems to be the standard behavior but has anyone found a way around this or know of any documentation on this from Microsoft?

  • Sorry also noted this is rally the case with expanding as well that when the items expand should they print based on multiple pages they only render on the page they have been on so if it were a 4 page report expanded by default and then collapsed it still shows 4 pages and 3 would be blank. But if 1 page when collapsed by default then expanded this report still reads page 1 of 1.

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