Best way to compare data/tables between SQL and Oracle

  • Hi

    I have to do a data compare. Currently, we are running two databases in parallel. 1 database is in sql server 2000 and the other is in Oracle 11g. I have to compare 15 tables sql against the same 15 tables in Oracle.

    I need to compare the data content of the fields. what is the best way or tool to accomplish this.

    this is for a small audit to ensure that our ETL process is in sync.

    thanks in advance

  • I'd create a linked server from SQL Server to the Oracle server, then compare database tables using EXCEPT or UNION.

    seth delconte

  • Didn't read closely enough. You are using SQL 2000 - no EXCEPT operator. I'd use UNION. 🙂

    seth delconte

  • How much data are we talking total across the 15 tables?

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  • How do we create a linked server? Are there any other ways of doing this?

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