Best SQL 2005 disk configuration for what I have.

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    I know there is a lot of discussion for disk configuration on this forum, with a lot of good input and ideas. so i just wanted to see what everyone would do if they had my hardware.

    our server is a 2 socket quad core with 32 GB of ram.

    the internal disk controller is a raid 1 for the OS and SQL binaries. (can't change this)

    here is what is a blank slate..

    i have 2x dual port raid U320 SCSI controller cards connected to 2x external SCSI disk enclosures.

    each disk chassis has 14 disks in the enclosure. one with 14x 73GB 15krpm, and the second with 14x 36GB 15krpm disks. also, the enclosure is split in half... so 7 disks in each enclosure is connected to its own SCSI port, hence the reason for 2x dual port SCSI controllers.

    we run 4 DB's -- here is a break down on each DB.

    the read write % is based on all the DB's - to give an idea of usage

    Billing - DB 8MB/Log 300mb - 0.1% reads - 0.9% writes

    Test - DB 14MB/Log 4mb - 0.01% reads - 0.1% writes

    Mon - DB 65GB/Log 8GB - 12.5 % reads - 7.0% writes

    Qdb - DB 13GB/Log 4.5GB - 53.2% reads - 83.2% writes

    Temp - DB 8gb/log 1gb - 34% reads - 8.84 % writes

    so the question would be ... how to layout the 28 disks in the 2 enclosures to be the best performance for these 4 DB's. i am open to discussion of raid types and also creating new file groups and moving indexes to other disks... i am open to any ideas.


    - L

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    it sounds like you have a current server but old hard disks. any reason you are using U320 disks and not the new SAS? We use HP and it's hard to get replacement U320's these days and they are very expensive. they are also very slow compared to SAS

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