"Best practices" for creating an Azure Sql VM?

  • We needed to run an earlier sql version (sql 2008) in an Azure VM so we used an OS image and installed sql 2008 in the Guest ourselves. Then we added "E" and "F" drives to the Guest, from the Portal, for data and log files. It's great fun creating a VM in this manner but I'm concerned if the described approach is "suboptimal". in other words, is there a "best practices" document for creating Azure Sql DBs?



  • Hi Barking Dog,

    Your configuration should work well. An article outlining Best Practices is posted here.

    Hope this helps,


  • Don't expect blazing fast IOPs... still, very handy having some VMs in the cloud.

    EDITED. Just seen the G series VMs.

  • And you can specify Premium SSDs if you spin up your VM in a region that supports them (eg: Western Europe)

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