Best Practice for Web Development

  • We use access,VB and Sql in our company.

    We need to move on to some web based systems.

    What would all the guru's here suggest are the best tools for development with

    SQL as database?

    Web server - Apache,IIS,etc

    Tools - Interdev etc

    Anything to start right the first time.


  • If you have the choice, I would not use Interdev. I do not like the interface.

    If you're going to develop for IIS, you should be using Visual Studio.NET. ASP.NET is a HUGE improvement over ASP.

    I certainly would consider Apache if you know the platform and do not want to stick to ASP development. I know an ASP engine exists, but this is not nearly as supported as PERL or PHP as a development language.

    Same goes for the database. SQL Server if you know it, MySQL is a good alternative for a 'simple' database. MySQL is rather scarse on internal features like referential integrity (not), stored procedures (not), triggers (not), User Defined Functions (not), ... But it is blazingly fast as a database engine!!!

    And obviously, the open source applications can save you a decent amount of money for licenses.

  • Also, if you don't want to stretch to Visual Studio.NET just yet, you can download WebMatirx from its only 1.3mb in size and actually comes with its own web server called Cassini. This is a good cheap way of getting up to spead with the .NET side of things.

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  • Another Web Application server to consider may be Macromedia ColdFusion MX. ColdFusion Markup Language has a very short learning curve compared to most other "web enabling" technologies. Circumstances at our shop dictate that we find and use technologies that are easy to teach and learn since many new people are usually new kids right out of high school (this is a military installation). I have two 18-yr-old troops doing web application development and it only took about 3 weeks to teach them HTML, CFML, and simple T-SQL statements. They still have a long road to haul on learning more advanced T-SQL and database design, but they will learn that as they go. Of course, both of these kids have caught the computer programming buzz and are now attending college to get a proper education in MIS.

    For even more professional web application development, another technology to learn is Javascript (not Java) because it allows the web developer limited control and management of user interactivity at the web browser. Be aware that each browser has it's own interpretation of Javascript and that if your making public web applications you better test your web apps against as many browsers(and platforms) as is feasible and reasonable. IE and Netscape are still the main browsers, but there are others.

    If you have the employee talent, then ASP.NET is definitely a good technology to use instead of ColdFusion because it is much more integrated with the OS and you may be able to use much of your existing VB code logic.

    I don't recommend using the InterDev IDE either. It isn't very intuitive and the code it generates is not always readable if you need to look at it. I use HomeSite for most of my web application development because it is a dream to use when working with code. Dreamweaver is also an option if your more of a visual developer. Of course, you could also use a simple text editor like Textpad ( or CoolEdit( to do your web application development.

    We only use SQL server because it has many more robust tools built in that MySQL does not. Oracle is an option if you plan on creating web application where processing volume is heavy, but I feel a good SQL Server configuration will be able to work just as well as any Oracle configuration.

    I hope all this helps,


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  • Just wanted to chime in with my choice of editor -- Crimson Editor. Cheap (free). Fast. Good syntax highlighting.

    Joe Johnson


    Joe Johnson

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    Thanks for the advice.

  • Best Practice for Web Development:-

    1. Always stick to the web development standards

    2. Code Smarter, Not longer

    3. Do link your social media channels

    4. Sort Div Tags

    5. Always remember accessibility

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