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  • I'm in the process of upgrading my MCDBA from SQL Server 7.0 to 2000 and was looking at picking up a couple of practice tests to help prepare. The three vendors I'm aware of are Transcender, Self Test, and MeasureUp. I've used the Transcender tests before, but they've gotten pricey (I'll be buying these on my own) and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the other two. I'm pretty comofortable with 2000, having used it for 2+ years, but like to take the test to pinpoint what I need to bone up on. Any advice is appreciated.

  • Haven't used the SQL transcenders, but the W2K ones are pretty good. I'd expect the sql ones are as well.

    Used MeasureUp for SQL 7. Wasn't thrilled with them.

    Steve Jones

  • Transcenders always seem to be the best, the only problem though is they almost mirror the exam and you may pass by memory of the question alone with no real knowledge of what the question was all about.

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  • Have you tried ?

    Not very expensive, and they have got an awfull lot of different tests.

  • I suggest They have tons of sample questions. Just don't trust the answers. The pri¢e is very right (free).

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