Begin tran/Rollback in SSMS after security update?

  • Just did a number of updates on my workstation that I have been putting off. Some were SQL 2005 patches. All loaded through windows update. Now when I open a new query window in SSMS it automatically has a BEGIN TRAN/ROLLBACK. I am finding this to be a major PITA to constantly have to delete.

    Anyone know how I can get back a blank query window functionality instead?


    Denver, CO

  • I have the same problem. Have you found a solution to this problem yet?


  • No solution yet and no one else seems to have much to say about it. I have just gotten fast at deleting the obnoxious Begin Tran/End Tran that someone thinks is helping me.


    Denver, CO

  • What patches did you install? (kb numbers if possible)

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  • I really don't know. I just accepted a lengthy list of updates that had been pending in the windows updaate for the last month or two.


    Denver, CO

  • Hello,

    I had the same issue...

    Do you have "SSMS Tools Pack" installed ?

    It turned out that the "New Query Template" option had somehow been enable and configured.

    I disabled it and all was well.


  • James,

    That seems to be the issue. I do have the SSMS Toolkit installed and as you said, the query template got set to enable. Set it to disable and the issue has disappeared.

    Forgot that product even had that ability and crazy that it auto enabled itself. We using it to support regions in some very large procs I was working on. Never used templates, so did not think of looking there.



    Denver, CO

  • James,

    Thumbs up, big man. That issue was annoying the hell out me.

  • hey everyone!

    i'm the author of the SSMS Tools Pack.

    can anyone please provide me with the updates you have installed, the OS version, SQL and SSMS versions and is it a 64 or 32 bit system.

    i have never seen this happen and the options shouldn't just reenable themselves.

    so it's worth investigating.




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  • Not sure what patches were applied that caused my issues. But I am on XP Pro Service Pack 2 32 bit. SQL is SQL 2005.


    Denver, CO

  • I just acquired this problem in SSMS SS 2008 with Intellisense on. WHERE can I turn it off? It'd driving me crazy.;-)

  • If you have the SSMS Tool Pack installed...

    1. Open SQL Management Studio

    2. Click SSMS Tools

    3. Click New Query Template

    4. Edit the text in the Template Text window.

    5. Click OK

    All done!

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  • I have same problem after SSMS Toolkit, I'm on W7 32 , 2008 R2

  • I have the same isssue. thanks for pointing me out it is from ssms tool.

    I don't have it last week, but not sure why it suddenly comes out of this issue.

    I am at windows 7, 64 bits

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