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    Lynn Pettis - Monday, May 22, 2017 1:10 PM

    Briefly, we were actually comparing SCO/Unix, InterBase, and Delphi against Windows NT 4.0, SQL Server 6.5 and VB 6 at a previous employer.  MS won out, but look where I am today.  Not sure that would have happened with other option.  I did like InterBase as a database system, our developer however found it a bit difficult to work with from VB 6.

    I had worked with InterBase and Delphi back in the late 90's, so SQL Sever wasn't too mature of a product yet.  I was mainly an Oracle person back then and helped that company forklift their main OLTP system from InterBase to Oracle 8.  It did have a certain charm to it, but no-one there really knew how to maintain it.

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    Jeff Moden - Monday, May 22, 2017 2:27 PM

    Ed Wagner - Monday, May 22, 2017 12:16 PM

    Well, it's now up to 20 yes to 1 no.

    Heh... dollars to donuts the No vote was from Michael John.  He hates triggers. 😉

    It's 29 yes now (including my vote).
    I too hate triggers, but not having triggers would be worse than having them. since theyare very useful when properly used. 
    The treason I hate triggers is that too many the people who try to use them haven't a clue what they are doing and create nightmares for people lie me to waste our time on.  But that's no reason to vote against something that would clearly be an improvement. Having BEFORE triggers might make validation triggers simple enough even for dummies to understand, and especially with the idea suggested instead of simple before triggers would make logging of validation failures a lot less likely to be got completely wrong that it is when currrently trying to use INSTEAD OF triggers without the suggested new trick (which are rather unsuitable for the job) for that purpose.  If that had been around in SQL Server from day one life would have neen much easier. .


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