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  • zishanz


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    Hi, I execute a bcp command from dos prompt, like this:

    bcp pub..tablename -Uxxx -Pxxx -Sservername

    out outputdir, -c

    It works fine. But my problem is: it is always print some messages returned by sql server, like:

    1 rows copied.

    Network packet size (bytes): 4096

    Clock Time (ms.): total 16

    Is there any swith I can set to turn off the message, so it just execute the command, without any returning message.

    The reason I am asking this is:

    whatever it is returned ( the message ), it gets printed on my browser.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Andy Warren

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    You could use redirection to either write the output to a file "bcp >output.txt" or to the null device "bcp > nul". Possibly there is a cleaner method.



  • zishanz


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    Hi, it works great for me! Thank you very very much!!!

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