BASIC Availability Group - License Concern

  • SQL2017  Standard Edition installed on 2 nodes with a Windows2016 cluster underneath. Node 1 has 10 databases each in their own Basic Availability Group (BAG).

    Node 2 has the non readable databases and replicas.

    If I failover Database1 from Node1 to Node2, this database becomes readable on Node2 but the other 9 remain databases still remain unreadable. Is this now ok from a licensing point of view?  (Node 1 now has 9 active databases and 1 non-readable database/Node2 has 1 active db and 9 non readable).I am presuming the answer is 100% yes as then what would be the point of BAGS if you are not allowed to make 1 database active on a secondary node?

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • If you have X licenses(X is the number of cores) for one node and software assurance(SA) for the other node, OR

    X licenses for one node and another X licenses for the other node

    , you are fine.

    If you only have X licenses for one node, your 2-node cluster is not license compliant.

    Please check with your license vendor/Microsoft partner.

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