Basic Avaialbility without active Directory

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    Hi ,

    I am trying to configure Basic Allwayson in SQL 2016 Standard edition using the below ebsite

    I did below things.

    Firewalls off in both nodes SQL-1 & Sql-2

    I created DNS Suffix in both servers as

    Remote registry and Remote administration is enabled in both nodes.

    i enabled Failover clustering

    In powershell command i tried this beow command

    new-cluster -name sqlbag –Node SQL-1,SQL-2 -StaticAddress -NoStorage –AdministrativeAccessPoint DNS

    got below error:

    New-Custer: There was an error adding node SQL-1 to the cluster

    failed to access remote registry on .. Ensure that the remote registry service is running and have remote administration enabled.The network path was not found.

    Note :Remote registry and Remote administration is enabled in both nodes.

    Please help how to resolve this?

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    Check the event logs for any errors as well as check the NICs to make sure File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks and Client for Microsoft Networks are enabled. Often you need to run winrm quickconfig to enable permissions for remote Powershell access as well.


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