BASE64 Encode and Decode in T-SQL

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  • I know this was posted a while ago, but its very useful when hacking Oracle WCC paths.

    Thank you!

  • Thank you very much for the contribution, it has helped me a lot.

    Thank you!

  • For posterity since 2012 the built-in method for converting to base64 is using XML.  This comes up every now and then on SSC.  The only post I could find tho was from Jonathon

    From my SQL script of online stuff I found this example(which had to do with salting/unsalting a string)

    @salt char(36)=cast(newid() as char(36)),
    @string char(36)=cast(newid() as char(36));

    select @salt salt, @string string;

    @string_to_convert varchar(max)=concat(@salt, @string),
    @binary_base64 varchar(max),
    @unconverted_string varchar(max);

    /* convert from varchar to binary base 64 (varchar) */
    select @binary_base64=(select cast(@string_to_convert as varbinary(max)) for xml path(''), binary base64);
    select @binary_base64 converted_string;

    /* convert from binary base 64 (varchar) to varchar */
    select @unconverted_string=(select cast(cast(@binary_base64 as xml).value('.','varbinary(max)') as varchar(max)));
    select left(@unconverted_string, 36) salt, right(@unconverted_string, 36) string;

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