backup with stop at

  • Hi

    I had a backup plan like this

    - monday to friday : diff

    - saturday and sunday : full

    - log every 6 hours everyday

    Suppose on Wednesday one of my client accidentally change the wrong data. And he realized it on next day.

    BOL said that i should do the following things:

    - backup the current tlog

    - restore last full w/ norecovery

    - restore last diff w/ norecovery

    - restore log with recovery to the point of time (using stop at)

    which log should restore with recovery ? is it a current log or wednesday's log ?

    what about transactions that proceed after the point of time ? do i have to rerun those transactions or not ?

  • You'd restore the Sun full, Wed diff and wed log up to the time when the transaction occurred. Everything from that point until Thur would have to be re-run.

    BTW, the Log Explorer tool is great for recreating these transactions.

    Steve Jones

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