Backup Strategy in Azure SQL?

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  • Great write-up showing the use of the portal for backup. My largest lament with SQL Database in Azure is the lack of automation that I can control and schedule like we had with SQL Agent. While databases are automatically backed up in Azure, I might want to back one up on my schedule (my demo database has changed at this moment).

    Hopefully MS recognizes the importance of this and will address it with something as easy to use as SQL Agent. Their runbook option or using ARM doesn't thrill me.

  • As the developer of something that does exactly this you may want to try it out - it schedules bacpac exports and imports that are made from temporary databases which are transactionally consistent. It also does Azure Blobs, Files, Tables backup too.[/url]

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  • I agree. There is nothing easier than the SQL Agent. There are some alternatives, but they should invent the Azure SQL Agent.

  • The ability to restore over top of an existing db needs to be a feature to be added. It appears you can still only restore to a new name. Some applications are so complicated that switching all of the connections to a new db name just isn't an option.

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