Backup Strategy For distributed availability groups

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    What is the recommendations for backups in distributed availability groups?

    I have AG setup in 2 sites for DR but the backups fail on the forwarder (primary node in Second AG)

    Log backup for database "DBA_Test" on a secondary replica failed because the last backup LSN (0x00000028:00000993:0001) from the primary database is greater than the current local redo LSN (0x00000028:00000992:0001). No log records need to be backed up at this time. Retry the log-backup operation later. [SQLSTATE 42000]

    They also fail sometimes with the same error on the Secondary Node in Primary Ag.

    You would usually set the backups to run on the Secondary Node but it seems with DAG everything needs to run on the primary. Probably isn't a need for backups in second AG as we already backing up.

    There seems very little documentation about distributed availability groups


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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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    Did you check the redo queue? You can get that error with any type of availability group when the secondary falls behind or the redo thread is blocked...scenarios along those lines. It's not necessarily something just with distributed availability groups.


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