Backup SQL Server Database with Move/Copy File

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    Marvin Dillard
    Senior Consultant
    Claraview Inc

  • hi,

    its soo helpful script for me. so simple to run. really appreaciatable.




  • somebody pls explain step by step to me to use this query. because i have to set back on a network computer. i dont know how to use this. but it seems very help full


  • Marvin,

    Thank you So much for the script, this is so helpful. I have one question, if you can provide some suggestion. I have to backup all the databases but I do not have enough disk space on my local to do them all at a time is there a way to backup one database, move the .bak file and then backup the next one. My question is how can you make sure the move/copy was successful before you delete the bakup file on the local and backup the next one.



  • Shri

    I sent you a new script. Let me know if that works for you


    Marvin Dillard
    Senior Consultant
    Claraview Inc

  • sreejith and all,

    Please i really need your assistance asap on how to use this script if you don't mind.

    I'll be really greatful if i can get some assistance on how exactly to use this sript.

    He mention something about not forgetting to set the local drive path and network share for each backup in the backupretention table. (Is this after the script has been run for the first time or before it's run at all?

    Also remember, to set the relocation action of copy or move. (Not sure how to do this too)??? Guys am new on the job please 😛 help!!!:

  • Hi Marvin

    Could you please also send me the script to backup one database at a time like Shri asked for or post it here. I would really appreciate it.



  • Sorry

    Been busy and haven't been around on a regular basis, let me know if you still need it and I will dig it out.



    Marvin Dillard
    Senior Consultant
    Claraview Inc

  • Hi,

    Great job, I was develop a symilar way, but encounter error whem copy to network drive.

    I was set the permissions to everyone, change the user for SQL Agent, try to put this user in Administrator Group and nothing.

    Always the job in sql command say:

    move /Y \\backup\aaaa_20100927.bak \\\BACKUPS\bbbb.bak



    Access is denied.

    Any Ideas?

  • can you explain me how to run this SP .

    I am trying to run but nothing is happeing even though saying execute successfully .

  • Hi Marvin.

    Your Stored Procedure looks great but when i am trying to run i didn't see anything happening so if you explain detail where to make changes and which parameter to pass would be nice .

    pls explaing with one example


  • It's been awhile since I logged on to SSCentral and unfortunately I have not been getting the from the people requesting new information. The basic premise of this stored proc was to pass values stored in a table to a proc that could then automate your backup to include zipping and moving the files across the network. I have not looked at the proc in over two years as I am no longer doing DBA type of functions. However, if someone really needs the help, I'll dig into the code and update it.



    Marvin Dillard
    Senior Consultant
    Claraview Inc

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