backup Plan is failed

  • Backup maintenance plan is getting failed due to the error

    Description: Cannot create an instance of the XML Document Object Model due to error 0x80040154 "Class not registered". MSXML may not be registered. End Error Could not load package "Maintenance Plans\Backup" because of error 0x80040154. Description: Class not registered Source: Started: 1:00:00 PM Finished: 1:00:00 PM Elapsed: 0.297 seconds. The package could not be loaded. The step failed.


    how to solve this ?

  • Maintenance plans are SSIS packages.  I have seen SSMS generate this error when SQL Server and SSMS are not comparable versions.  For instance, the current version 18.11 of SSMS will probably generate this error, but the version available from the SQL 2016 Installation media would not.  (SSMS was bundled with SQL binaries for 2016, but is now independent.)

    Install SSMS 2016 side-by-side with the current version and see if the maintenance plan opens without error, in SSMS 2016.



  • If you have 'MSXML  Parser' in Add or Remove Programs applet, click Change and then Repair. If it does not exist in Add or Remove Programs - rerun the SQL Setup, it should install it.

    SQL Database Recovery Expert 🙂

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