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  • I have a production SQL Server connected to a SAN and would like your opinion on where is the best location to store the backups. I'm fairly new to the environment and initially found the backups were being kept on the same SAN array (1+0) as the database files. I thought this was bad because if the array controller on SAN failed, I would lose access to the backups and database files.

    I moved the backups to the O/S drive (mirrored) of the SQL Server but am now thinking that is not good either. If I had access to another device on the SAN, I would move the backups there (or any other location on the network), but that currently is not an option. I'm thinking that since the SAN is more stable (at least in theory), it's better to have the backups there, even though it's the same array as the database files.

    What do you all think? Thanks in advance for your input.

    P.S. The O/S drive of the SQL Server is backed up to tape once a day.

  • Some storage arrays can continuously capture database snapshots

    (i.e., point-in-time copies of data backups), which are overall faster back up and restore than the common traditional database backup methods.

    This in turn gives the DBA the ability to bypass the backup window altogether and perform backups inside the SAN instead of doing it at the operating system level.

    Check out the SAN vendors they sell snapshot software that integrates with their storage networks.

    Check with your vendor about this ability.

  • We use this:

    With every backup job, we create backups to local drives (san or not), if available to a separated drive (non-data-files, non-log-files).

    The last step of every backup job copies the files to a safe zone (another remote disk share)

    Fullbackup jobs copy (full + log bak) to serverA\diskshare1

    logbackup (incremental) jobs copy (log bak only) to serverB\diskshare99

    ServerA\diskshare1 and serverB\diskshare99 are copied to tape on a regular basis.


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  • Thanks for the replies. I will investigate further.

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