Backup has stopped working

  • Now that you're on paid SQL 2014, have you configured compression in your backups, since you mentioned storage is a consideration ?

    Using a SQL Scheduled job to run backups has fewer "moving parts" to troubleshoot. It can send an alert on failure.

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  • Sorry, guess I wasn't completely clear. Space is not a consideration - I have 3 TB  of disk space on the machine and less than 1 TB used. The database is only around 100MB - I have ALL backups ever made from the Big Bang onward stored right on the machine, and I still have loads of free space, as well as essentially unlimited network storage, should I want it. (Yes, I also have off-line and off-site copies of the backups.) I programmed the skipping of unnecessary backups just to keep from generating useless stuff, and I zip them as a matter of general tidiness, rather than storage necessity.

    But the ability to generate fail reports could be useful. I have not kept up with new features as much as I should, since I have a great deal of other work besides just babysitting this server. Once I get something working, I tend to leave it alone, so there are many new features I could be using, but haven't taken the time to learn.

    Thanks for the suggestion - I'll take a look at it.

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