Backup Exec will not truncate log files?

  • I backup my DBs in SQL Server 2000 directly using Backup Exec V10d. The FULL DB backup works fine, but I just learnt that BE does not truncate the log files, and thus they will continue to grow with each day.

    Is there a way to configure BE to truncate the log files after a successful backup?

    OS is Win2003 Server Standard.

  • I am not using Backup Exec, however, if you are only doing full backups, and the database is in Full Recovery, Bullk Logged modes, your transaction log will continue grow.  The SQL Server backup only backs up enough of the transaction log to give you a consistant backup when restored.  Backup Exec most likely does the same.

    To truncate your transaction logs, you either need to run a BACKUP LOG [dbname] WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY prior to  your full backup or (and this is the preferred choice I would say), run periodic transaction log backups during the day.  The tranascation log backups will truncate your transaction loga and keep them from growing constantly.

  • When backup log run with NO_TRUNCATE option also will not truncate the log..


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