Backup any/all Databases (Native AND LiteSpeed friendly)

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    A Brown

    Manage all of your backups in one simple job using this script.

  • Andy,

    Did you look at the other 3rd party tools for compressed backups, except Litespeed? What bothers me in most of them is that I do not see the results of the native backups, unless they have been made through the proprietary tool. For small databases it does not make sense to backup in proprietary format. And, of course, if some of your servers have large databases, and some - just moderate ones, it would be nice to purchase a tool for large servers, and still be able to see all backups from the same management console.

    Do you have any thoughts on this?

    Thank you,


  • Hello Andy,

    For my own purposes I am going to modify the script so that the DBCC argument also allows me to call DBCC with the PHYSICAL_ONLY option on my new SQL 2005 box. If you come up with an updated version then I will use that instead.

    See: and jump to the section named "Best Practices"

    According to Microsoft....

    ... we recommend that you use the PHYSICAL_ONLY option for frequent use on production systems. Using PHYSICAL_ONLY can greatly shorten run-time for DBCC CHECKDB on large databases. We also recommend that you periodically run DBCC CHECKDB with no options. How frequently you should perform these runs depends on individual businesses and their production environments.

    Just something that I thought you might like to add to your script.


  • have you a parameter for the compression level with 'litespeed'? And is it compatible with sql server 2008 ?


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