Background Info on SQLCE?

  • Hi all,

    Ive done a bit of hunting over the net about SQL CE and have come up with next to nothing (almost).

    Could anyone comment on the following about SQLCE.

    a) it is very similar to replication in SQL server but on a pocket scale

    b) how is the information stored in such a small device as a pocket pc (eg: you have a 500mb database, does this get transferred to the pocket pc ? or does it rely on a network (wireless or otherwise) to transmit only pertinent info ?

    c) Most info i have seen relates to it only working using http (internet) protocols to transfer data. Are there any other secure ways of transmission of data.

    If no one has any ideas, thats cool, because i am going to get my feet wet with how this all works soon enough, as i want to migrate my app on pocketpc which uses a access cdb to SQL CE !!!. I will definately write an article on it when i figure it out 🙂

    Thanks for any help in advance !

    Life is far too important to be taken seriously

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  • We have been doing some work with PDA and using SQL Server. There are two different ways to transfer the data from the PDA back to SQL. I have included a few links that helped us with deciding which one to use and some really good code samples. Replication is complicated with SQL CE and sql server and the best way to replicate data is through Merge Replication using http (IIS server) hopefully these articles can help you like they helped us.

  • Hey that is some good information.. I am hooked on trying to get SQLCE working...I suppose i need to be looking at how to create the CE databases first, eg how to replicate to CE...i will look a little more into the links you have sent through

    Thanks heaps !

    Life is far too important to be taken seriously

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