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  • Grins and nods - been there! SSRS multiselect can be a real pain, especially with string parameters.

    Which is why our report writers insist on having Jeff Moden's DelimitedSplit8K [/url] and utilfn_split on all their sql instances and have also got me to change the default value of MaxHttpCollectionKeys in the report server web.config to allow longer lists..

  • Hmm, as a developer I have little good to say on SSRS I'm afraid. I find it incredibly unwieldy and frustrating compared a library based reporting system like say Telerik or DataDynamics. Needing it's own infrastructure SSRS is as delicate as a Ming vase in comparison - if the site works at all the library based versions will work too. This could be the circumstances I have encountered or the system imposed on me but I find it very unjoyful. Some of the controls are very flexible and capable is about the best I can give in tribute.

  • It is good to know that it has improved. Also it is always advisable, and very commendable, to report any issues. Sometimes it may feel that we are ignored but it is impossible to deal with issues that are unknown.


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