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  • For an on-premise sql server we use RedGate tools to backup our databases and then backup the sqb files to tape.

    In Azure, for an (unmanaged) Sql Server, we can still use Redgate for backups but how do we automate copying the sqb backups to local (on-premise) storage for long term retention? Or this mode of thinking not right in the




  • When it comes to long term retention for SQL VM backups, in Azure, you have a couple of options.

    If you are using SQL 2012 SP1 or higher:

    1) Use backup to URL to backup to Azure Storage and simply keep the backups in Azure storage for long term retention.

    2) Use backup to URL to backup to Azure Storage and then create a script to periodically download these backups to on-premise.

    3) Azure also provides a backup service, Azure Backup[/url] for backing up VMs. This may meet your needs.

    For other SQL Server versions:

    If you are storing the backups on a VM disk you could create a network share and access the backups on the VM through a public endpoint or a VPN tunnel.

    In the cloud you can store backups (and other files) securely in Azure Storage so it may not be required to build an additional long term retention backup store on-premise.

    If you don't mind me asking, what are your requirements for long term retention backups?



  • Sounds crazy but we had restored 4 year old DBs hunting for the first monthly appearance of a certain data value in a column


  • Four years ago is a while ago, if you don't mind me asking, how did you and your team go about finding what point to restore to?

  • You can issue powershell commands to copy the files down provided you set up a VPN so that your Azure servers are operating within your network. I've done the opposite, copy files up to Azure through powershell. That doesn't need the VPN because it's calling Azure commands. But you're just looking to do a file copy basically.

    Personally, I wouldn't do this. Instead, I'd take a copy over to Azure storage. Otherwise, you're paying for the download costs to your local machines.

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  • Personally I am a big fan of using Azure BLOB store for both short and long term backups.


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