Azure SQL - Restore to lower enviornment

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    Backups are automated for Azure SQL Prod environment, we can do point-in-time recovery if anything happens with the database in the same environment.

    But, how can we restore the production database\bacpac to lower environment without having to take manual bacpac? What can be done to monthly refresh lower environment from automated production bacpac?



  • As currently configured, to move an Azure SQL Database to on-premises, unless you're setting up a failover group (which, if you're using Managed Instance can be done), the only choice you have is a bacpac.

    Just make sure you create a copy of the database in Azure SQL Database before creating the bacpac. The reason for this is, a bacpac is not transactionally aware. This means that transactions that could result in incorrect data that occur while the bacpac is being created can negatively affect the outcome. Creating a copy of your database means that no transactions are running, so it's safe.

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