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  • I have taken over responsibility of an Azure SQL database. I want to make a true one time backup of this database. By true I mean that if I lost the database I could restore it and it would look exactly like it did before. When I go into SQL Server Management Studio (version 15.0.18142.0) I select the database I want to backup. When I right click on the database and select 'Tasks', I do not see an option for backup. I do see an option for 'Export Data-tier Application' (which creates a .bacpac file). I chose this option and created a .bacpac file. Is this .bacpac file a 'true' backup of my database? True meaning if I lost my database I could restore it from this file and it would be the same as it was before.


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  • I am sorry. I am going to move this post to SQL Server 2012. I should not have put it in here.

  • Hi,

    Yes, a .bacpac file can be used as a true backup for azure SQL database.


  • Great, thanks for the quick response!!

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