Azure Feedback Site unavailable

  • Microsoft has deep-sixed the latest iteration of often short-lived & poorly-migrated sites for reporting bugs and feature suggestions for SQL Server... "We value your opinion"... but often not enough to keep it or follow up on it.

    The Azure feedback site now returns

    Thanks for your interest in providing feedback on Azure products and services. We value your opinion. We are evaluating enhancements and standardizations to improve and streamline how we communicate with customers and collect their feedback. Customers can continue to communicate with Microsoft and provide feedback through a number of different channels. Learn more.

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • I'm not surprised with this. I feel like that for Microsoft, Azure is marketing rather than technology. They put just enough effort into building something out to say they have the technology, but they don't finish it or make it robust. Some tools are good, but not most. Whenever I google something, I get pages & pages of articles saying how great Azure is and how much everyone loves it. When I talk to fellow developers in person, the general opinion is that it sucks. Marketing probably wanted them to take the site down so that all the messed up stuff wasn't documented in a central location.

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