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  • Hi guys,

    I am planning to take two Azure exams: Exam DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution, Exam DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution.

    Can you recommend any good books to prepare for these exams?

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  • Preparing for this exam started back in February 2019, when I started studying for the DP-200 exam. There were no courses, practice exams, or books available at that time. Instead, I relied heavily on Microsoft Learn and a lot of hands-on experience.

    In short, this is how I prepared:

    Complete Microsoft Learning Paths for Azure Data Engineers

    Read and Reference the Azure Docs

    Review Azure Solution Architectures

    Watch SQLBits Session Recordings

    I then took the DP-200 exam. This got me about 90% of the way for this exam as well. After that, I shifted my focus to the DP-201 exam:

    Understand Skills Measured in Exam DP-201

    Work through the DP-201 labs on Github

    Review Microsoft Customer Stories

    On May 9th, 2019, the official classroom course was released. I did not take this course because I wanted to try the new learning paths from Microsoft, but you may find a more traditional course useful.

    Update in January 2020: The official practice test for exam DP-201 is now available. I have had great experience with practice tests in the past and generally highly recommend them 🙂 I did not try this one, though, as it was not available until after I had passed my exam.

    Always check the latest official information from Microsoft before your exam.

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  • If you take notes of what you use, what you learned, how the test goes (don't break NDA), it would make a great article.

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  • The quantity of Azure data engineer jobs is increasing. Therefore, it is imperative to discover the fundamental abilities required for data engineers in Azure. Azure platform. Basic skills are essential for any data engineer, regardless of the cloud platform. Here are a few critical skills that are required for data engineers.

    • Candidates who want to be Azure data engineers must know about the changing landscape of data. They must be aware of the changes in data systems and their impact on professionals working in data.
    • Candidates must know the difference between cloud and on-premises data solutions. Additionally, having a thorough understanding of the business uses cloud-based technologies is beneficial.

    Candidates must possess a profound grasp of the job, the responsibilities, and the position. Candidates should also have a thorough understanding of the nuances of Azure capabilities.

    Specific to the role Skills for Data Engineers

    To successfully secure Azure data engineer positions, applicants must also be skilled in specific roles. These skills are focused on the fundamental abilities and knowledge required by a data engineer to accomplish their job.

    1. Candidates must have a solid comprehension of algorithms as well as the structure of data.

    2. They should be able to master SQL to comprehend the database and the structure that underlies them.

    3. Candidates who are interested in jobs as data engineers should be aware that the majority of instruments for the storage and processing of data employ programming languages. Thus, a thorough understanding of programming languages such as Python, Java, or Scala is required for data engineers.

    4. Candidates looking to get Azure jobs in data engineering must also be aware of big-data tools like Hadoop.

    5. Furthermore, specific roles for data engineers include many references to distributed systems as well as pipelines of data.

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