Azure AD Integrated Security on a Mac Connecting to Azure SQL database

  • Hopefully the great minds here can help,  to give some back ground to the situation we have Azure SQL databases created which we are trying to ensure that all access to the DB is via Azure Active Directory authenticated users, we don't want SQL Auth users as you probably know people will share the user details and passwords no matter how many times you tell them not to,  we also want to managed all access via AD groups which are added as users to the DB's and subsequently domain users are added to the relevant AD groups.

    This works perfectly for those using a windows host and either using tools like SSMS or languages such as python and java to develop applications that connect to the SQL DB using Azure Integrated Directory Integrated authentication.

    We recently have some new teams in the organization that have been given Mac laptop's and they are struggling to authenticate to the Azure SQL DB with Integrated authentication particularly when developing apps in Node.js.  As I don' have a Mac or access to as a Mac I have no way of figuring this out for them.

    I have shared numerous articles from MS and other places out there on the net on how to setup Kerberos authentication on their mac but they still cannot create a successful connection.

    Can anyone share steps that will definitely work to help our developers establish the connection?

    MCITP SQL 2005, MCSA SQL 2012

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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